Declutter Your Soul, Awaken Your Spirit, and Re-energize Your Life

Do you find yourself wondering what happened to your energy and passion?

Go, go, go seems to be the American way, yet many lack peace, joy, and purpose. Look around. It seems like most of us are too tired, we’re definitely distracted, and we’re doing too many things. Many are living, but deep down feel like they’re dying inside. Is this you? Longing to truly live on fire with purpose but don’t know where to start.

In REVIVE, author Dana Lyons shares that in the midst of her own frustration of feeling pulled in every direction and searching to live a more passionate and fulfilling life, Dana learned that she didn’t have to live life on anyone else’s terms. While the world insists we live one way, Dana is learning the opposite is true. The Lord helped her step out of the busy chaos and simplify her life. She didn’t know she needed to be revived until she was, and now she wants to help you experience that too.

  • This book will help you:
  • Declutter your soul
  • Awaken your spirit
  • Re-energize your life

You were never meant to live a mediocre life, burnt out and lacking joy and energy.

Are you ready to re-energize your life and live on fire again? You can experience it too–starting now.

Do You Want To Get Well?

The Question that Saved My Life: Five Steps to Take You From Grief to Grace, Hurt to Healing, and Failure to Freedom

Are you tired of hiding behind walls of fear and failure?

We put our game faces on, but deep down, we’re paralyzed, silenced by shame, and blind to the hope that will only come when we hit our breaking point.

In Do You Want to Get Well?, author Dana Lyons shares how she moved from grief to grace, hurt to healing, and failure to freedom. In the midst of pain and hopelessness, God interrupted her life with one question that she struggled to answer. But with the gift of time and surrendering to His goodness, she did. Now, she walks with others as they move from brokenness to wholeness. This book will help you:

  • Experience transforming G.R.A.C.E.
  • Turn despair into hope
  • Restore shattered relationships

You are not alone.You were never meant to live in defeat. Hope and healing are possible.

Dana has experienced the transformation you’re looking for, and you can experience it too–starting now.

No Longer Cinderella

Release your lies, Rediscover your true identity, and Redefine your life.

Is something hold you back from embracing the person God created you to be?

When life hits hard, it can hurt. Doubt, disappointment and disbelief can overwhelm us. We know there must be more but discouragement tells us otherwise. In No Longer Cinderella, author Dana Lyons shares how she broke free from past trauma and health issues. For years, she believed she was a victim, but through a powerful process, she transformed into a more confident woman knowing she is loved and chosen by the King and Lord of the universe. Join her on an epic adventure where you will discover how to exchange the lies of the enemy for the powerful truths that are your inheritance today.

Our past doesn’t have to define our destiny. Hope and freedom are possible! Discover and embrace who you are through God’s eyes starting today!