Love Without Filters

What are your filters? How many do you have. What is a filter you ask? It’s something we look through like a lens to cause us to see something a certain way. We do this with people. Jesus calls us to love the one in front of us. He doesn’t say love those who agree. He says love. It’s a command to obey. It’s not a matter of can we but will we?

What if we dropped our filters that are causing division, destruction and much harm and instead used it to help us understand the one in front of us?

Jesus hung out with and loved those who were different than Him. Thank God, because if it He only hung out with those who were perfect and right none of us would be included. No one is 100% correct. Not you and not me. Only He is. He commanded us to love. If you look up love in the Bible, the first two things that explain what love is, is “Love is patient and love is kind.” (1 Corinthians 13:4) Two major things lacking in the Body of Christ right now. This should not be.

Can I encourage you to use the information you learn about someone as a way to understand rather than hate, criticize and judge? Isn’t this the way you hope someone would treat you? Now go and do the same.


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