The Gift Is Often What Destroys Many

Do you ever look at your spouse and wonder if they are looking at the same thing you are? How can two people look at the same thing and see it so differently?

My camera was flipped from the last picture I took so when I held up my camera to capture the view in front of me, I saw this on my screen and laughed out loud. This is marriage! It divides and destroys many marriages but it’s actually a gift. Do you remember in the early dating days when learning about each other was fascinating? It seems we lose sight of that over time. It becomes a battleground for many.

One of the greatest lessons we’ve learned in 25 years of marriage is embracing how different we are. We’re different for a reason. It’s how we complete one another. If we were similar we’d have more blind spots. Patrick and I are so different in almost every way. I learn a lot from him… when I choose to. How? Being present and listening. We don’t always agree but we respect one another and definitely grow as we allow ourselves to listen and learn from each other.

Become a student of your spouse again. You did this when you dated. Listen, discover, and learn how they see and view life. In the process, you may, like us see how this is a gift rather than obstacle that divides.

You don’t have to agree but you might actually start to fall in love again. It will definitely give you more to talk about!


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